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Port Style Wine Event

October 11, 2023

Location: YVC Conference Room B

     As the Season's change from Summer to Fall and the temperatures drop, what better way to cap off the evening than with a good glass of Port or Port Style Wine to keep the chill at bay? On Wednesday, October 11th at 7PM YES will be hosting a Port Style Wine Event at YVC, Conference Room B which will compare Port Wine from Portugal with Port Style Wines made from the same traditional wine grapes grown in Washington State, paired with cheese and chocolates to enhance the experience. This will not be a dinner event, so plan on eating before you arrive and recognize that these are fortified wines and accordingly, we will be pouring 1-ounce pours in the Port Sippers you will go home with. This should be a wonderful evening for learning the history of Port Wine, as well as what makes drinking them special. There will be representatives from Thurston-Wollfe and Precept-Willow Crest Winery available to answer questions about their respective Port Style Wines and Gary R. Cox-Vigneron will be making the overall presentation. Plan on getting all your questions answered as to what makes Port unique in the world of wine and please register by Monday, October 9th, s0, we can prepare accordingly ($60/person), eh? Click HERE for tickets!

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