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About Y.E.S.

Interested in Joining?

Membership in Y.E.S. is open to individuals who support the purposes of the Yakima Enological Society, comply with the by-laws, and pay an annual membership fee.


To join, you can either sign up online or fill out your information on the attached membership application and mail along with the appropriate dues (check preferred) to:


 P.O. Box 2395

Yakima, WA 98907









If you are not ready to join but you would like to sign up for our monthly newsletter to learn more about us, please click here

Wine Bottles


Taste some of the great wines not only from Washington State, but also from the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and other countries.


Get the opportunity to learn more about the wine industry and support the study of enology and viticulture.


Receive a monthly newsletter and up-to-date information about our events and other wine-related activities and events in the Yakima area.


Spend time with local winemakers, industry leaders, and society members who are knowledgeable about wine.


Receive discounts on wine purchases from wineries at many tasting rooms.


Receive 20% off all wine purchases from ‘Stems Wine Shop’ on Yakima Avenue.


Have the opportunity to travel on our bus trips to more distant wineries without having to worry about driving and your consumption of alcohol.


Enjoy food properly paired with great wines from some of the best restaurants and caterers in the Yakima Valley.

Yakima Enological Society Board


1st Vice President........

2nd Vice President.......



Registration Chair.........

Board Members............

Charles Johnson

Marie Clark

Brad Baldwin

Pam Larin

Michelle Smith & Dorene Boyle

Marie Clark

Lisa Downey

Kathryn Bauer

Sandy Saffell 

Jimi Weaver

Gary Cox

Chris Ketcham

Kristina Miller

Sue Attebery

Michelle Smith

Wine Links

Pacific Northwest 

Washington State

Yakima Valley

Oregon State

Idaho State

British Columbia Canada

Okanagan Canada

Wine Industry Affiliate

Washington Wine Institute

Washington Wine Growers

Other Wine Organizations

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